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Five for Friday

Happy day after Thanksgiving Friends!!!

Today will be a super short post since I am out of town and get spotty reception.

Well, Thanksgiving has come and gone and every year around this time, I begin to get real sad. Not to put a damper on things, but I really REALLY love this time of year and everything just flies by soooo quickly after Thanksgiving. My friends joke all the time with me and tell me that I never really get to enjoy this season because I'm too busy worried that it will be over soon. It's like those sleepless nights when you know you only have 5 hrs of sleep, 4 hrs, 3 hrs, OH NO... now only 2 hrs of sleep left before that alarm clock goes off!   That's how it usually is for me. BUT THIS year I'm trying to sloooow things down and be in the moment. I'm currently listening to Christmas music without trying to feel stressed that I have nothing done for Christmas.

Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for her Five for Friday Linky Party.

Every Thanksgivi…

Five For Friday and My Favorite Things Party

Hello there!

I'm joining Doodlebugs for her Five For Friday linky party. I am also excited to share with you a REALLY fun party idea that I just did this past Friday.

We recently got a ping pong table and it has been SO fun! My kids love it and are actually pretty good at it. My mom came over the other day and my boys wanted to play her. My mom is 65 yrs old BUT she was on her school ping pong team in Taiwan <----this means not only is she good because she's Chinese (haha!) but she's good because she was the best on her team.  All I gotta say is that at 65, she's still got the moves!

It was conference week this week. Although doing report cards can be a pain, I actually enjoy conference week and meeting the parents of my students on a more personal level. SO many times, I can  see why my students are a certain way. C'mon teachers... you know what I'm talking about! The apple does not fall far from the tree.  'Nuff said! LOL!

Since Monday was a holiday a…

Five for Friday

Hello there!

Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for her Five for Friday linky party. This was a short week for me since I was subbed out for grade level planning on Wed and so I only had a 2 day work week (I job share M-W). :) What a great way to start my long weekend!!! :)

This week we ended our unit study. We have been taking our ELA curriculum and working with the bigger ideas in the themes listed. For Houghton Mifflin Theme 2, it was Nature Walk. SOOOOO of course, we naturally had to go on a nature walk. These students had to look for evidence of life. We put on our investigation glasses and went to work. They brought their note pads and documented all that they saw. The kids did great and found many things that showed evidence of life.

We use tickets in our class as one of our reward system.  When they earn 50 tickets, they get to chose something from our classroom behavior catalog.  My sweet girl picked to be the teacher for a lesson in class. We had her put on some teache…