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Five for Friday and Currently

Today will be my first time linking up with Farley from Oh' Boy 4th Grade and Doodlebug. I'm so excited to do this!!

First up, here is my May's Currently. OK. I know I may be a *tad* late... but if you know me, I'm always fashionably late to parties. I guess better late than never, right? I'll do better for next month's Currently.

Now,  for the Five For Friday linky party. Yay! Here are 5 things that I'm highlighting this week.

1. I have only TWO more days left of being in the classroom!!! Don't hate. :) I job share so I only work Mon-Wed and next week I'm at a thinking maps training... you guessed it... on those 3 days. The following week I go to school on Monday and Tuesday is my last day. We are just gonna par-tay those 2 days (and clean up of course)! Hence the reason I said 2 more days in the "classroom" rather than "teaching" days. Ha!

2. We had Open House this week and I seriously was a little crazy China woman! It seems like every year I try and plan ahead for it and every year it STILL sneaks up on  me. I will be writing a post about it but here are just a few fun pics of the night. It was a success and my room was PACKED!

All the parents LOVED the silhouette project and the line of symmetry self portrait!

These "students" came out so cute! I love the one with the glasses!

The Estimation Station was a hit!

So FUN watching kids use sign language to sign their names and figure out our mystery message.

This was the fun table! Parent and child competing to see who could finish the math timed test first! Btw, my student beat her dad! :)

3. Because I job share, I get to stay home part of the time with my littlest little... Karis! This is her reading her bible to her Baby Cindy while I change and wash my boys' sheets.

"Try to find me Moooommmmmmmy!!"

Her and her big brother Joshua! Aren't they CUTIES???!!!!

4.  This is my other son's Mother's Day  questionnaire. I LOVE that he says that my favorite thing to do is "eat". That is TRUE!!! :) But my favorite?? "I think she's beautiful because she loves Jesus". Seriously LOVE this kid!!!

5. Not only was this week Open House, but we also gave our district writing assessment. I had them rush to get projects done and when we were done with those, I would squeeze in some writing lessons. Oh my...the week was hectic! WE needed a brain break!  This is our Baldwin Shake video (Harlem Shake Baldwin style!). Please excuse the empty cabinets in the back. This is before we put up the last Open House project. PS- LOVE my floppy hat girl!!!

That's it friends! Hope you enjoy your weekend and have a fabulous Friday!!



  1. Welcome to BlogWORLD! I'm Brandee, your newest follwer and I love your "students!" ;)
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

    1. Hi Brandee. I visited your blog and left you a comment. I seriously cannot believe that you've only been blogging for 1 month! You look like a pro! :)

  2. Oh my word! How cute! Loved your Baldwin Shake video!! Welcome to the world of blogging-it is lots of fun! :) I am your newest follower!

    Learning to the Core

    1. Thank you so much Amanda! It sure was fun! The kids and I really needed a brain break with all the work we were trying to finish in class. I will be visiting your blog to take a look around. :)

  3. Hi found you through Doodle Bugs. I love your children creations at their desk sooooo precious and fun. It could be used or any grade. You have such great ideas and I am jealous of your job share! Have a great last few days. We are you newest followers!

    1. Hello Third and Goal. Thanks for visiting! So you two don't job share? How fun to be able to write a blog with a friend. Sometimes I think that I should have teamed up with another friend to do this. There is just so much that I want to share and so little time. Lol. I took a look at your blog. LOVE the sugar cookie idea! Thanks for stopping by. I taught 3rd grade for 5 years and loved it. I will be visiting your blog regularly. :)


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