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If you're visiting From Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT)...

STOP! Please stay.

I know that you're thinking. You clicked on my link from my TPT store and when you got here you realized that it doesn't look at all like...  well...   like ALL the other adorable teaching blogs.  I can explain my "generic" looking blog.

It's just that... well... (cue Kenny G music)... I am new to TPT and have posted a few things and realized fairly quickly that I needed a blog to get more traffic in my store. I searched high and low for the *perfect* blog designer and am now on her waiting list. So as I wait, I've been forced.......  yeah..... FORCED I tell ya, to create my own blog until the professionals take over. Plus, I think I've done enough recycling, stolen enough lunch money, and scrounged in enough couches to pay for a new blog. (<----- not a true story, but if it adds to the sadness, then let's keep it). So there. That's my story. On the brighter side, I will be giving my blog a face lift in the next couple of months (crossing fingers for my number to come up quickly)... so until then, the peaceful scene of a grassy knoll with clear blue skies will have to do. :)

SOOOO... since you're here, why don't you stay a bit and get to know me. I promise... I'm real fun and interesting.  AND maybe we'll become BEST FRIENDS!!! (awkward... you really need to sing that word quietly to get the full effect of the way it was intended to be read).

OK, so,  Hello!
My name is Angela Linzay and I am new to this blogging world. I am a second grade teacher in the Hacienda La Puente USD in southern CA. I've been thinking about blogging since the beginning of the year but seriously... blogging scares me because..well, you gotta know HOW to do it. There are so many blog designs, and "Oh, what color scheme do you want?" and ""Do you have a theme in mind?" and "Do you want to use Blogger or Wordpress?" (Word what? Thank God for Google is all I can say)... and.. and.. well, you get the picture. And plus, WHO wants to put themselves out there only to find out that like only 2 people like to read your blog (I'm counting on my mom and husband here)?  So why am I here then? Well, last month I decided that after 13 years of teaching, I finally needed to start selling my teaching ideas on TPT. I've taught a few district inservices on writing and made up some chants, songs, and raps that have helped my students learn the skills to master some language arts and math standards. I figured that maybe other teachers outside of our district could use them to help their students learn, too.  I do have just a few things posted in my TPT store since I am just getting started. If you're interested, I would love for you to take a peek. There are also some cool freebies for you!

You can read more about me where I uncover all my deepest darkest secrets! No,  not really.. but I just figure that if you're going to be visiting me again, we ought to get to know each other. :) I'll go first and you can leave a little bit about yourself in my comment section.

Thank you for visiting. Hope to see you again!

Thanks friend!


  1. Yay! So glad you're doing this. You are an amazing teacher!!! And, you are funny and kinda intriguing, I must say. I'll be back! (Say it like Arnold...)

  2. YAY! A new So. Cal 2nd grade teacher {like myself}!! I saw you on instagram #teachertalktuesday. Keep up the good work :) I'm already in love with your silhouettes! I'm pretty new to the blog world myself, but my two favorite things are 1. Iteach what's your super power?? {she's awesome for tutorials to get your blog up and cutesy}. 2. Doodle Bug's Five for Friday {she's got a link up party every friday and tons of people come around to check out your blog if you link up}
    welcome to the club ;)

  3. @JenCullen: Thank you so much for the tips!! I will check into that. I'm working with a blog designer right now so I may need to browse on over to to check out some tips. :)I do LOVE my silhouette project. It is SUPER easy and the best part... NO TRACING! LOL. I used to sit and trace while trying to keep the kiddos still. NO BUENO! I saw the doodlebugs Five for Friday. I will need to get on that. Thanks! Also, they have that Currently one from Oh Boy 4th Grade, but I don't know if it's a template or you just make your own. Do you know?

    Thanks for all the tips!! Where in So Cal are you?


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