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Monday Fun Day?

I have NEVER thought Mondays were ever fun... oh, except those special Mondays like Martin Luther King Day or President's Day. Yea, pretty much the Mondays that we have off. Ha! I do love my job, but we all know how Mondays are. So much to do... SO little time. Not today though. Today was a great day! Not only were my kids well behaved, but they are finally getting the routine down which means that we can move a little faster in class. Today the kids did not go out for lunch recess due to inclement weather. BOY! Was it hot!  It was muggy and felt more like we lived in Florida. Sorry Floridians...but when you live in So Cal, that is NOT the weather you expect. When we came in from lunch, the kids needed to get some energy out since they did not get to play. So we did our first of the year dance party! I put on some Kidz Bop and we just got all our little wiggles out of our bodies. I would have some pictures to show you but instead I videotaped and forgot to take pictures! Sorry. It…

Five for Friday

Hello Friends.

I love Fridays because not only is it my hubby's day off of work, but I love joining in with Doodle Bugs and her linky party. I had a wonderful week this week with lots of fun things planned.

1. This past Saturday (ok, am I breaking the rules talking about LAST Saturday????)  my sister planned a surprise birthday party for her husband. They live in beautiful San Diego, CA.  She booked a place right on the beach and rented out the whole restaurant patio. This was our view:

We had a table by ourselves while the kids sat with their cousins. It was the perfect set up... until the kids started melting down. They were hungry and tired (we did just get back from a camping trip earlier THAT DAY).... BUT that is just NO excuse to ruin a perfectly PERFECT dinner with a gorgeous view that was FREE for your parents.  Ha! Sheeesh! Kids these days. :)

2.On Monday, my husband sent me to get a massage and have dinner with his mother for her birthday. He did not have to ask me twice…

Daily 5 Read To Self

Hello Friends!

Today will be a short post since I have Back To School Night tonight. I job share so I am at home today and will go back to my school site later today to get the classroom ready.

I wanted to share a little about our first 2 weeks in implementing Daily 5. If you have not tried Daily 5 and have been on the fence about it, I would really encourage you to DO IT! I LOVE it and it really is my favorite time of the day. In fact, my sweet little Daniel from my class (and a couple of other students) kept asking when we were going to do Daily 5 again. They know that it's at the end of the day, but they were just SUPER excited to do Read to Self since they had earned sitting ANYWHERE in the room. Note: this year, I have a tough and SO VERY chatty class so I was a bit scared to see how "sitting anywhere" would turn out.

I start my Read to Self with them just sitting at their desks. I wanted them to build some stamina in displaying the right Read to Self behavior befo…

TPT's Back To School Sale Starts Tomorrow!!!

Hello Friends.

Since we are all teachers here, I know that we LOVE deals. This is why I'm letting you know, if you haven't already heard, that TPT is having their HUGE annual BTS sale! I will be joining in with them to give you the maximum savings of 28% off of anything in my store! Like all good things must come to an end, this sale is only good for 2 days - Sunday and Monday. So start window shopping and wishlisting so that you have your cart all ready with amazing resources at their lowest prices! Don't forget to give feedback to products that you've already purchased. It's like FREE MONEY ya'll!!! And you knoooow... FREE is the perfect price!!  I know that I will be shopping around and filling up my cart with things that I've had my eyes on and making sure I get all my feedback in from the purchases I've made so that I can pay even less with the credits I earn.

Happy Shopping Friends and hopefully you get some really great things that will make thi…

Five For Friday

Hello Friends!

Today is Friday and I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs for her Five For Friday Linky Party! I love being a part of this party because it makes me slow down and reflect on the happy things that happened this week. Plus, I get a snapshot of all my favorite bloggers' week. I'm such a stalker big fan of them and have been so inspired by their creativity and enthusiasm for teaching.

1. I got nominated for the Liebster award!!! This award is given to up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers. Since I haven't had my blog for very long, I fit perfectly into this category and was SUPER excited when I was nominated by Ramblings of a Happy Teacher. I love this award because I've been able to check out other smaller blogs while looking to pass on this award to another teacher. I've found SO many great blogs that I might not have found because I stick to my usual "big bloggers". I've found that these teachers from smaller blogs are AMAZING a…

I Got the Liebster Award!!!

Hello Friends!

So excited to share with you that my humble little blog here was nominated for the Liebster Award! I was super excited when  Melissa from Ramblings of a Happy Teacher told me about it. Thank you Melissa for the awesome nomination!!! So SWEET!!!  

Soooo... What is the Liebster Award you ask? I had the same question. The Liebster Award is for up and coming blogs that have less than 200 followers. Liebster is a German word that means sweetest, kindest, dearest, cute, endearing, etc. Such a thoughtful award! Here are the rules to accept this award:

1.  Link back to the person that nominated you.
2.  Answer the questions from your nominator.
3.  Share 11 random facts about yourself.
4.  Nominate 5 more blogs with less than 200 followers.
5.  Pose questions for your nominees

 Thank you again sweet Melissa from Ramblings of a Happy Teacher for thinking my blog was special enough to receive this award. You made my day!!!

Questions to Answer:
1)What is your ideal vacation? My ideal vacat…

Rollerskates, A New Product, and MY FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY!!

I am doing my FIRST ever giveaway and I'm super excited about it!! More on that later....

Today was a fun day as I went back to my old workplace to celebrate my mother in laws birthday.  I worked as a rollerskating waitress at a 50's place right before I started teaching. Yes, you heard right.... a ROLLERSKATING waitress. They called us carhops. We danced and performed in various places with celebrities and have been on countless TV shows. I used to swing dance on skates and do lifts and flips. Yea... those were to good ol' days. Now, I'd be lucky if I could even rollerskate. LOL.  Those were such fun memories! When I first pulled up, this catering car was parked out in front. OH. MY. GOSH. No words. Really.

This is a really non flattering picture of me on the catering car. I guess it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't  DRIVING ALL OVER TOWN!!!!! Sheesh!  My kids however thought it was pretty cool....except my firstborn. He let me know that I looked &…