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Five for Friday

 Hello Friends!!

I'm a little late for Doodle Bugs Linky party, but if you know me.. I'm always a procrastinator fashionably late. This is one of my favorite linky parties but this week just got ahead of me and I was not able to keep up.. so here we are... 2 days later. :)

1. I got to do a fun activity with my students this week from my Aligning Houghton Mifflin with Common Core pack. This activity is also in my Reading Comprehension and Literacy Centers unit for those who don't use Houghton Mifflin. I was teaching sentences and we did an activity where the students had to feed dragons with sentences and sentence fragments. The kids LOVED it and I was happy to see that they were smiling and laughing WHILE they were having fun.

For more on this activity, you can read about it here in my previous post.

2. My kids started school this week and so I like to torture myself and take on even MORE than I can handle. So during my busy week, I added this cute project/treat to make for both my son's classmates.

I got the idea from Pinterest and pinned it a a couple or years ago. I never got to do it last year for their first day of school, and so I thought that I would add more to my plate by making 50 of them!!!! They did turn out cute, though... right??? Tell me it was worth my time.

No first day is complete without the infamous "First Day" sign!

Yummy after school treats for the first day of school. They had a great day!

Oooppss... ya got something on your chin there buddy! :)
3. On Friday, we had a family celebration of birthdays. We celebrated 3 birthdays, one of which was my Little Miss K's. It was fun!

She got a "Hong Bao" (Chinese red envelope) with some money in it from Grandma. 

Some dress up stuff from the other Grandma. :)

A birthday party is not complete without cake and....

Duck Dynasty viewing. My family and extended family are obsessed with this show!
I'm serious, my hubby's family is related to them. No joke.

4. My church was able to donate some brand new backpacks to our school for kids who don't have one or just to help out the families. I was able to get 100 backpacks for our site! Here are some pics of the kids picking out their new backpacks. They were so excited!!!

5. This month was a great month for my TPT store since everyone was going back to school shopping. I have been wanting to sponsor a child from Africa for years now and with the extra money that I made this month, I knew it was time. I know that I may not be as prosperous every month, but God was so good to our family and so we wanted to use it to give back and be a blessing to another family. I will write more on that in another post, but here is out family picking out our little girl from the website! :)

That's all friends! Hope that you have a fantastic week!



  1. Hi! I found you through the linky, and am your newest follower. Your children are adorable! Please visit my blog sometime.


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