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NOOOOOOO!!!! You Can't Make Me Go Back!!

Ok, sooooo... my title may be a bit "dramatic" about going back to school. Juuuusta bit. FINE! There are *some* that may say that I am dramatic (WHHAAATTT??!!! Meeeee??).  I like to call it.... "expressive". There was that one time when I was at the grocery store all stressed out trying to buy last minute food for a party and the bag boy told my best friend that I was, quote, fun to watch, unquote. Allllrighty little boy, just stick to bagging the groceries, mmmmkaaay?

 But I'm serious. I'm not even ready to go back.

I'm seeing all these happy posters at Target and Walmart and to be honest.... I ain't NEVER seen a kid smile like that while thinking of going back to school! The image I have is of parents skipping down the store back to school aisles while their kids follow sadly behind.  Don't know if you've seen this old Staples commercial but I absolutely LOVE it!

I'm looking on Instagram and all these teaching blogs...and man, am I the…

IIIIIII'm Baaaaack!!! AND A New Item on TPT!!!!!

Ok, I'm back! I took an unintentional break these past few weeks. My life has literally been on hold since I was trying to finish up my latest TPT unit. More on that in a bit.

A quick overview of what I have been up to in the past few weeks.

1. We went on a 10 day road trip driving up the CA coast, camping at different spots. It was FUN but exhausting!! We had LONG drives and my kids did awesome. Karis, my littlest little decided to potty train herself the week before we left. I tried to get her to pee in her pull up on our long drives, but she refused. So our 8 hour drives turned into 10 hours for fear of her exploding or getting a UTI.

2. This week we were suppose to go away and celebrate our 12 yr wedding anniversary.... BUT our house was literally a DISASTER after our road trip.... not to mention that our garage makeover still needed to be...well, made over. So we decided to have a staycation instead. Our families took our kids and we worked on the house in the daytime and wen…