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Awesome Reminder website and App

Hello Friends!
Today I want to share with you an awesome reminder app that I'm using this year for my class. It's called Remind 101.  One of my colleagues shared this website/app with me and I love it! Every year I give out my cell phone number to my students and parents at Back to School Night. We communicate through text messaging about their child but I've always wanted to do a mass text message for days like field trip or picture day or if something is new or has changed in our daily schedule. So when I heard about this app, I introduced it to my parents at Back to School Night and even walked them through how to register right there. Once they register, it sends them a text asking parents to write their name. Make sure you ask parents to put their child's name next to theirs (ex: Angela Linzay - Isaac's mom). It makes it so much easier!

 Remind 101 is a one way text messaging system. It gives parents a class phone number to register and you send out reminder t…

Five for Friday

Hello Friends!

Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for her Five for Friday Linky Party.

1. I know that I already  blogged about this but I am so proud of how well my students did at building stamina this week on our Daily 5. We worked on read to someone and writing and I was thoroughly impressed with them.

2. I went to our women's ministry event called Taste of Fall this week. It was so fun and filled with JUNK FOOD! :) I mean.... just take a look at this table! I thought about eating well.... well, that is until I walked into this:

3. I'm at a hotel this weekend with a friends for a Women of Faith conference. I'm looking forward to a fun and relaxing weekend away. We already went for sushi and are planning to get massages today. :)   The hotel we are staying at is close to Disneyland AND they serve breakfast! I L.O.V.E free food!!

4. I logged onto the TPT website and saw this! I know that they do a random rotation but it is so neat to see yourself on here and to know t…

Daily 5 - Read to Someone and Writing

Hello Friends.

Just wanted to share a little praise that happened in my class today. We have been working on building stamina for Daily 5. So far we have done work on writing, read to self, and read to someone. Today was our first time doing read to someone. We made an anchor chart and we talked about what I expect of them and then wrote down what they should expect of me (working with students, helping them read, listening to others read, etc). I've been a bit nervous about introducing this component of the Daily 5 since my class is pretty chatty this year. This is usually one of my favorite elements of D5... seeing kids all sprawled out all over the room and listening to kids read. It makes my heart happy. But this group.... well, let's just say that I repeated myself over and over and OVER again how important it is to stay on task and focused now that I was pairing them up with a friend.  I usually let them choose, but for the first couple times, I pair them up. I might hav…

Five for Friday and My Poor Blog!

Hello Friends.

This seems like the common theme among bloggers these days.... neglecting their poor little blog. School has started in full swing and sports and homework have taken over our house...mainly my living room. Every spare moment that I've had has been dedicated to finishing my 2nd grade Houghton Mifflin: Theme 2 unit on TPT.  I've had such a great response to Theme 1 that I decided to make the next theme. When I first started taking on this HUGE project (Theme 1 took 200+ hours!!!) I told myself that I would decide to create the next themes by judging how well the sales go for the current theme. I mean, I do love creating resources but it has to be worth my time, too.  Well, I've gotten really great responses from it and people even asking for theme 2!!! Wow! I was seriously humbled to think that my resource would be used in so many different classrooms. I mean, YOU think your resources are good, but will others?  Ok, more on this resource later.

Today I am link…

Five for Friday

Hello Friends!!

I'm a little late for Doodle Bugs Linky party, but if you know me.. I'm always a procrastinator fashionably late. This is one of my favorite linky parties but this week just got ahead of me and I was not able to keep up.. so here we are... 2 days later. :)

1. I got to do a fun activity with my students this week from my Aligning Houghton Mifflin with Common Core pack. This activity is also in my Reading Comprehension and Literacy Centers unit for those who don't use Houghton Mifflin. I was teaching sentences and we did an activity where the students had to feed dragons with sentences and sentence fragments. The kids LOVED it and I was happy to see that they were smiling and laughing WHILE they were having fun.

For more on this activity, you can read about it here in my previous post.

2. My kids started school this week and so I like to torture myself and take on even MORE than I can handle. So during my busy week, I added this cute project/treat to make for…