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Five for Friday... on a Saturday of course!

Hello Friends!

I can't believe that it almost Halloween! I wait ALL year for Fall time and when it comes, Halloween just sneaks up on me and then everything else right after Halloween seems to FLY right by! I might as well be ringing in the new year on Nov. 1 because I will blink and it will be 2014.

This is always a funny time of year for me. My hubby always says that I never get to truly enjoy the holidays because I'm always so worried that it'll be over soon.  It's sad but true. It's like that feeling when you wake up really early before your alarm and try to go back to sleep because you only have "1 more hour before your alarm rings" then you toss and turn and now you think you only have "45 mins left before the alarm goes off" and then the mental countdown begins until your time runs out. THIS is how I feel every year because I feel like I want to do so much. BUT not this year. This year 2013 will NOT get away from me because I used my awes…

Flash TPT Sale!!!

Have you heard??? TPT reached 100K likes on their FB page!! That is such exciting news because that means more and more teachers are using TPT for amazing resources. I know that I have been so inspired by these amazing teachers who push me to constantly change and stay up on the current.

TPT is throwing a celebration sale! It's only from 10/12-10/14 so don't wait!!! Empty those wish list items now before the sale is gone! That is what I'm gonna be this weekend.

Happy Shopping Friends!!!


Five for Friday....on a Thursday

Ok... so I guess posting once a week is just gonna be the norm around here until life slows down a bit... which is really like.......NEVER!  There are SO many things that I want to post about but then I get home ... and remember the rocking and drooling in the corner I talked about in this post??? Yea.. that sets in and then it's all downhill from there. BUT today... today,  I'm a day early to linky party. Never mind that I can't get it together for tomorrow's post so I found some time to post today... let's just call it a small blogging victory. :)

Today I am linking up with Doodle Bugs for her Five for Friday linky party...because although I'm crazy busy, I can't resist a party that I don't have to brush my teeth or even put on make up for. So I'm here...early...... and boy do I look... um... fabulous. ;)

1. I FINALLY went to the optometrist this week. My eyes have been getting worse, but after the last couple of months of not being able to see st…

October Currently

Ok.. Ok... So I'm going to admit that I am just plain horrible at keeping up with my poor little blog. I tried to hide it, and even lie to myself... but as the school year progressed and then add in sports, homework, TPTing, mommy and wifey duties.... I'm just a mess at night! By the time night time rolls around, I am useless and just want to spend the rest of my day rocking back and forth in the corner of my living room.  How do you super mama teachers out there do it?? ANY advice would be greatly appreciated!

So I am here linking up with Farley at Oh Boy 3rd Grade.  I like parties... so here I am.. useless and all... BUT I'm here! Haha!!

Listening: I love watching X Factor. I love the judges this year!

Loving: I job share so I work Mon- Wed. This week my principal has me going to a Thinking Maps workshop on Thursday and Friday so I switched my working days to Wed-Fri and so my awesome principal got me a sub for Monday and Tuesday. Yay!!

Thinking: I NEED glasses! My eyes…