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A Gift for Me, a Gift for You, and a Happy New Year!!!!

Ok, I know that I am a day early for New Year's Day but it seems like these days, I just can't seem to get things done in a timely manner. I mean, I'm on vacation.... VA.CA.TION.... and I still feel busy??!!! It must have been all the prepping for the holidays, then the actual holiday, and then the aftermath of the holidays. One thing that I was able to finish is my latest Houghton Mifflin unit for first grade. I felt like I was dragging my feet with this one because it took me longer than usual to complete it. In reality, every time I would *think* about sitting down at my computer to work on it, something else came up. THEN when I would finally get a chance to sit, I would just stare at the computer screen. Seriously... just.STARE. It was weird.

I wanted to share with you 3 things today (hence the name of this post).

1. A gift for me:
I wanted to share with you my favorite Christmas gift! Ever since I've started eating paleo, I've been enjoying cooking a lot more…


Hello Friends!

Whew! Life has been busy! Now with the holidays quickly approaching, things will only get busier. I am working on creating a more peaceful, less stressful holiday season. I am backwards mapping some activities that I want to make sure I do and learning to say NO to some things. It's hard, but I'm learning.

One thing that I have worked consistently on is my Houghton Mifflin units. Since I'm teaching a 1/2 combo this year, I've decided to create resources to align our old Houghton Mifflin Language Arts curriculum to the common core standards. I did this for 2nd grade and many teachers had asked that I do it for other grades.

I am SO happy with how this resource came out. It seriously is PACKED with so many fun activities! I used thinking maps, depth and complexity icons, GLAD strategies, text dependent questions, text connections. and so many more things to facilitate learning at ALL levels. Here is a sneak peak at my newest baby.... :)

There are focus wal…

I'm ALIVE (barley...) with a New Product (Finally!)

Soooo.. the beginning of this year has gotten the best of me. We started back at school on August 5 (a CRIME I tell ya!) and it was just waaaay to early... for ALL of us! Kids wanted to be outside playing..and frankly, so did I! Ha! This year, my class is awesome! I mean... BEYOND awesome! I'd say, BEST class in my 14 yr teaching far. So HOW did this year just work me over? Wellllll, have a seat, Friend.

About 3 weeks before school began, my principal informed me that I was going to have a 2/3 combo class. I teach 2nd grade and have taught 3rd so it was no problemo. Fast forward about 1 1/2 wks before school starts and the numbers change and my principal contacted me and told me that I now have a 1/2 combo. I was like, "AHHHHHH!!!" You see, the last time I taught 1st grade... I cried.....EV.ER.Y.DAY! I mean, I went from teaching 3rd to 1st and I was like, "Why can't you sit in your seat?" and "Why can't you write your name or hold a pe…