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Burlap Pencil Banner Tutorial, My Face.... book (that is), AND MY FIRST GIVEAWAY!!!!!

Hello Friends,

I begin back at work in about a week. That means that I have one.more.week to relax. This marks the end of summer and I'm in mourning. Yes, I will be wearing black this next week... while I set up my classroom.... in 1000 degrees weather. I don't even care. I'm wearing black because I want everyone to know that it's a crime, A CRIME to start school so early when you know all the kids (and me, too) will be looking longingly out of the classroom window daydreaming of swimming, beach days, and sleeping in. It really is hard to go back to school in the first week of August. By the time Fall rolls around, we are basically BEGGING for a break and CRAWLING towards Christmas vacation.... and that's just the teachers! Ha!

Before I get to the tutorial, I want to share with you some exciting news that has a bit to do with it! My blog FINALLY has a Facebook page!! YAY!!! I knoooow, I'm probably behind the times here, but I went back and forth deciding if I …

In The Air Tonight

Hi All!

Alrighty.... I'm not trying to be redundant or anything but I was thinking about my last post and how it really bothered me. You know, the one about my In The Air Tonight unit?? The problem about that post that really got me was that since our family went on a road trip and did not fly anywhere, all my pictures were of my On The Road Again resource. That bugged me. For one thing, I'm a mama myself and I want/need to see these pages put into action so I know whether I'd want to purchase it or not.  SOOOOO... I had to do something about it right when we got home from our trip.

Enter child labor here.....

Don't you just love children? They are such great workers when you bribe them? Hehe.

I printed out pages of my In the Air Tonight  resource and took it out in the backyard where they were playing. I sat them down and told them that they were going to do a couple fun activities and that they were gonna smile pretty, dang it,  so that I can take a nice picture. Whe…