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What Am I Teaching This Christmas?

Merry Christmas Friends!

It's the season of rushing and crafts and presents and buying and lines and planning and parties... and through all that busyness...I want to teach my kids how other countries celebrate this season (I'm using this from Rockin Resources as a research project for my kids and this for fun from Rachelle Smith).  I am also doing some close reading activities about reindeer using  this from A Grace Filled Classroom.

But even more important than that, I want to teach my kids what Christmas is REALLY all about.

But how do you do that when there are toy catalogs full of unfinished circles that surround each toy they "have to have"? Unfinished circles.  Like these kids just zipped through the toy catalogs not being able to circle fast enough to fill their wish lists. On one page, my littlest little even drew a large greedy circle around the whole page. THE. WHOLE. PAGE. Greedy? Well, she's not greedy. She shares well and will do anything for you. B…

Aligning Houghton Mifflin to Common Core

Hi Friends.

I know that it's Christmas time and the last thing that you're thinking of is teaching the curriculum. You want to teach something FUN... something Christmas-y. I get it. But for some of you, you have to keep trucking along the pacing guide for the next week or so. This post is for you. OR you come back Christmas break and don't want to think about anything and want it to be EASY, no prep, BUT rigorous. Is that even possible? Yes. This post is also for you.

I just completed a new product that will help you during this busy season. Introducing my 1st Grade Houghton Mifflin Unit for Theme 7.  It is over 260 pages of Common Core aligned work. It's PACKED with Thinking Maps, comprehension skills, Depth and Complexity icons, text dependent questions, and MUCH more!

You're colleagues will be so impressed that you are STILL teaching rigor to your students during this crazy time of year and wonder how you did it. Shhhh... I won't tell.

Here is a snapshot of…

All I Want For Black Friday Linky

Hello friends.

I'm spending my Thanksgiving up I'm Northern California with family but I wanted to stop by and link up with this Black Friday Linky Party by the Primary Pack. I'm excited to be a part of this because I love seeing what's on other  teacher's wish lists..inside and outside of the classroom. I'm always looking for new teaching resources... and hey, if there's  a purse/watch/jacket/shoes/whatever on your personal wishlist that you love, I just may add it to my wishlist because I love it, too. :)  
So let's begin...shall we? 
Perfect. Let's  start with my personal wishlist.

1. Cameo - I see so many things in Pinterest that are so adorable and know that I can make them if I had my own Cameo.  2. Disneyland pass - Our family had Disney passes a few years back....before it got REALLY expensive. Now,  for our family of 5 to have passes... it would be over $2000! Although we can't spend that type of money right now, I still would love to…

Flip Flop Your Sit Spots!

Hello Friends!

Thanks for hopping over from our blog hop! So glad that you're stopping by.

I am so excited to be teaming up with 6 amazing teacher bloggers to share with you some fun and creative ways to use SitSpots.

I've seen so many great ideas so far with these SitSpots....using them to line up, sitting in a special spot, learning sight words, etc. These are all fantastic in a classroom setting (and I wish I would have found SitSpots last year when I was in the classroom), BUT this year, I am homeschooling and have a class size of....2. Juuuust two. I don't need a special spot for my boys to sit or for them to know where to line up, so I wanted to come up with an idea that would fit our needs.

Then it hit me! I came up with a REALLY fun (says my kids) idea that would not only work for us but for ANY classroom.

Yup! I flipped them!

Let me explain.

My boys love to throw things and so as I sat there looking at these cute little spots, I flipped them around and felt the p…

Houghton Mifflin Bundle

Hello Friends.

Today is Tuesday!!! Yay!! Why do I love Tuesdays? Tuesdays are my catch up/work day while my kids go to a drop off program for 6 hours. SIX.WHOLE.HOURS. Y'ALL!!! Since I began homeschooling, these "rest" days for me have been so crucial... to the survival of my kids students. Waaaitttahhhh miiiinute! Catch/up work days = rest days???  Well, it didn't used to.  It used to be MOMMYNEEDSTOFINISHHERWORKSODONTTALKTOME!! day.

"But MOMMMMMYYYY, I'm hungry!" they would say.

"What???!!! You just ate!"  

"That was breakfast. It's dark outside now, soooo I think we're suppose to eat dinner or something???"

Spoiled kids.

(whispering to each other how mommy *might* have made them skip a meal)

(GEEESH! Eyes rolling....)

You get the picture.

Now that I have Tuesdays carved out (did I mention SIX HOURS??!!! Oh happy day!) to create all my Teachers pay Teachers units, blog, and to keep up with all my other social media stuff fo…