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Bears and a SALE

Hmmm... what do these things have in common?

NOTHING! Well, except that I'm on vacation in Big Bear so I'm throwing a sale!

Off the topic here... but since we're friends I can share, right? Ok.

I HATE REALLY dislike expectations. You know what I mean? You have an idea of what you want things to look like or turn out ...and most of the time it's totally unrealistic. Or is that just me? Let me explain. I have been looking forward to our family trip to Big Bear for a couple of weeks now. I imagined our family happily driving up the mountain (happened), sitting by the nice stone fireplace when we got there (happened), kids falling asleep nicely (happened), <<Insert WARNING of things beginning to fall apart>> kids waking up and quietly playing while letting parents sleep (DID NOT happen), siblings getting along nicely (DID NOT happen), me smiling with my cup of hot coffee (coffee, yes......smiling, NO), kids speaking nicely to each other without whining (NO! NO!…

Five For Friday... on a late Saturday night

Hello Friends!

Well, I have not linked up to the Five For Friday party with Doodle Bugs for a loooong time.  Today. I am entering the party a *tad* late. I've had a lot going on over the holidays, I'm sure like everyone else, so I will try and limit it to five.

Our family got to serve together at our church. This picture was taken at our Thanksgiving outreach. We were packing meals in boxes for others to deliver to needy families. We had such a great time working together!

THIS. This was AMAZING!!!! I was making cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast (with a little help from my Pillsbury friend) and my hubby had the most FANTASTIC idea! He put the dough in the waffle maker. OH.MY.LORD!!! The outside was nice and crispy and the inside was just soft. Add the sugary cream cheese icing and watch the heavens open up and hear the angels sing!!!! I'm getting chills just looking at this picture. Ok. Moving on.....

We were FINALLY able to take family pictures this year. Eve…