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Don't Be A Fool on April Fool's!

Hello there Friends!

I can't believe it's already Spring. SPRING, Friends!!!! Spring means butterflies and gardens and all things new and Easter and SPRING BREAK!! Woohoo!!! I know that you all are getting ready for Spring break and buying all those awesome no prep teaching packets, but I'm here to take care of you AFTER all the Easter festivities and all those eggy centers and worksheets expire. Enter... my No Prep April Fool's Day unit. Because really, whether you're just coming off of Spring Break or crawling your way towards it... or just a teacher in her right mind, the words "NO PREP" just makes this time of year doable. Don't be fooled though! These pages can be used whenever you need them. You know, on those days when your mind is already at the end of the year and all you can do is grab that stack of packet to the copier, enter 25 copies, double sided, stapled, and uncollated. Yup! I got you covered my friend!

This unit is fun! Your kids will…