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My New Life and an Editable First Day of School Sign!

Hi Friends.

This next year I am starting a new chapter of my life. Ever since my kids reached the age where they began going to school, life kept getting busier and busier. Now that they are a bit older (ages 10,8,5) life is just CRAZY; sports, church, dinners on the run, taking kids to different practices, homework, projects, AHHHH!!!! I could not keep up! Last summer, my husband and I both agreed that we could not go on living like that. We did not like running on the hamster wheel. We wanted needed more family time. My husband works different hours than a normal "9 to 5" job so his day off are Fridays. My kids go to school on Fridays. See the problem? We had to make a change. We LOVE my husband's job so that wasn't changing. I LOVE teaching, so that wasn't changing either. We knew we wanted to kids to be home on Fridays so there was only one option. Change the way schooling looked. After 14 years of teaching in the classroom, I am taking a leave of absence to…

How Do I Get Parents and Students to Remember Things?

Hi All!

Do your students ever forget to tell their parents about signing forms, events, due dates, or _________ (fill in the blank)?

Every year I have students forget about picture day, emergency forms,  or turning in school fundraiser slips/money/whatever else. I then talk to the parents and they always say that they never got the note. Ahhh.....THE note. We go searching into the abyss (aka the student's backpack) and find a crumbled mess padding the bottom of the bag.

I go through this EVERY.YEAR.

You always have "that one". You know which one. You can picture him/her right now. {sigh} The one who always utilizes your "extra" copies. EVERYONE has brought in their permission slips/forms/money/whatever back but not THIS special angel. Ohhhh no. She/he is the reason you make extra copies, so you don't have to send a note to your neighboring teacher asking for HER extra copies.

I used to send MORE notes home to replace the other notes that were lost/eaten/thr…