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School of ROCK and a FREEBIE

Hello Friends.

We were learning about the 3 different types of rocks and their cycles the other day. My kids were interested, but I always like to extend our learning to something that will really catch their attention. So sweets it is! I know that I've used sweets in creating our animal cells and our DNA model, but a sweet treat at the end of our learning ALWAYS makes my kids eager to learn and attentive to new material. Plus, my kids don't usually get candy so using it as a teaching tool is HIGHLY effective for them.

I used a pack of Starburst and cut them into little squares (sediments) so we had different colors (4 of each color for the 5 of us).

I explained to my kids that we were going to begin our rock cycle with a sedimentary rock. I had them grab different "sediments" and use some heat from their hands to stick them together.  I explained that:

Sedimentary Rocks:
- sediments can come from erosion (water, wind, and ice)
- they are created by heat
- you can se…