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Teaching Area and Volume with Building Blocks

Do you still have those toy blocks that your toddlers have outgrown that you meant to get rid of? Yea, me too.

You're gonna want to keep them. Trust me...

Before you throw those blocks out or pass them onto another friend, I want to share with you how our toy blocks helped my 8 year old hands on learner with math.

I was teaching my son, Joshua, how to find the volume of a solid.

Yes.. son, it's length x width x height.  Let's move on...

(checking his work after I THOROUGHLY explained length x width x height).

What?? What happened? What are these numbers??? It's LEEENGTH x WIIIIDTH x HEEEIIIGHT. 

(saying it slower and louder ALWAYS helps, especially when you lean into child's face).

He gave me a confused nod. Or maybe he was scared. Not sure. Either way, he didn't quite get it.

I could not understand. All he had to do was just COUNT the cubes. Then I looked closer at his textbook. I realized that although his math book showed a 3D object the best it could, Joshua…