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What I Learned In My First Year of Homeschooling and Where I Failed

Hello Friends.

So it's been a whole school year since I last wrote about my first year in my homeschooling journey. You can read it here.

SOOOOO... a lot has changed. Yes. A LOT. And it was mostly me.

All things were going well. Classical music during school days, co-ops with friends, field trips, drop off program once a week where I had 6 HOURS TO MYSELF (Hallelujah!).

But things were changing. I had a daily checklist of the agenda I wanted to complete for our school day. It was rigorous. It was fun. It was awesome.  I didn't know it at the time, but I was slowly dying inside because I started to cut out the MOST important thing.

You see, every morning my kids wake up and do their daily reading and journaling from their Jesus Calling devotional on their own. Then we would begin our school day with a bible time together, sharing and learning together. Well, as the school year went on, my agenda for their school day grew and I decided to push out our bible time together since t…

FUN End of the Year Gift for Around $1 Per Student

Hello Friends.

You see the finish line. You're crawling towards it. CRAWLING! I get it. The end of the school year is *almost* here and you can smell more FREEDOM in the air than a 4th of July BBQ.

You just need to get through all the class parties, staff parties, field day, balloon popping rewards, picnics, class awards, student gifts, teacher gifts, staff gifts, principal gifts, report cards, CUM files, cleaning up your class room, AND if you have your own kids, most likely you're doing ALL this and more. ((HUGS))

You just need to tap out and tap me in. I've come to help you!

During the summer months, our family travels... a lot. We go camping, which can keep us on the road quite a bit. I created a travel unit for my kids because I didn't want them on media the whole time. I wasn't willing to sacrifice their brain cells in exchange for fear of boredom. There's SO much to see on the road and I wanted them to look UP and OUT the window.

As a teacher, you can c…